Upstream Wealth Management

Financial Planning & Coaching for Life

Wealth isn’t about numbers, though having lots of them under your income column is always nice. It’s about living well on the way to achieving your goals. Upstream Wealth Management is a team of fee-based financial advisers who help clients enjoy the present while realising their long-term aims through clear advice and sound investment.

The right match
builds lasting trust

You need to feel comfortable with your financial adviser to create enduring trust. We take great care to understand your current needs and future goals. Problems identified, solutions found, not products pushed.

Plain speaking.
Clear thinking

It’s our responsibility to make sense of the financial challenges you face each day, then help you make good choices for the future. We answer questions that concern you and ask challenging ones in return.

All your investments.
In one solution

Upstream uses powerful software to keep your financial information secure, and at your fingertips when you need it. Easy contact and accessibility are vital to our clients, so wherever you are in the world, we’re here.

investment philosophy

Upstream build and manage your portfolio following evidence-based investing principles and using globally diversified, low-cost, exchange-traded funds. Designed to achieve your needs and goals, not ours.

through education

Realising your worth starts with understanding the context of your decisions. At Upstream, we help you with personal financial guidance and give you access to a huge source of current expert articles from top industry thinkers.

Transparent fees.
Unbiased advice

We rarely benefit from commission unless it’s the only way to secure the right financial product for you. Instead, you’re charged a fixed annual percentage of your investment. Trust is everything to us. Nothing hidden – guaranteed.

If you’d like to learn more about how our personal approach can help you protect your financial life against uncertainty, and provide for long-lasting growth and development…

Our commitment to you

We’ll work with you on a deeply personal level to gain a genuine understanding of your values and what’s important to you. We’ll help you remove emotions from your financial decision making to make certain you remain focused on bridging the financial gap between where you are today and where you want to be.