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What is lifestyle planning?

Lifestyle planning places the achievement of your aims, dreams and personal values before the deliberate pursuit of wealth creation. When it comes to planning, people can place far too much emphasis on investment performance, whilst neglecting the reasons why they are saving in the first place. Financial planning is not just about maximising your investment […]

What are the benefits of lifestyle planning?

By focusing on what’s most important to you, and with the support and guidance of a clearly defined road map, you will be well equipped to give you the best chance of bridging the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

What is unique about Upstream?

There are three levels of financial planners. The first is focused on selling products, the second looks at finding a solution to a specific problem such as saving for your retirement, and the third, the lifestyle (values-based) planner, takes a holistic view of your financial and non-financial priorities. If one of the first questions a […]

Who is a good fit for Upstream?

We understand there must be a good fit between us before we can build a long-lasting and trusted relationship. We prefer to work with serious professionals who are committed to creating a better life for themselves and their families. We are a good choice for individuals who recognise the value of a financial professional partnership […]

Who is not a good fit?

Possessing the right attitude is crucial to achieving your goals. Experience has shown us that it can be problematic trying to nurture long-lasting relationships with people who care less about their own finances than we do. We can provide you with all the guidance, information, coaching and support you will ever need, but if you […]

How do you charge for your services?

As a fee-based company, simplicity, transparency and trust are everything to us. You will never feel like you have been misled or caught out by opaque charging structures, or left disillusioned from hidden costs and sales commissions. Before we commence work on your behalf, we will let you know exactly much you will be charged […]

Can I switch from my current adviser to Upstream?

Yes. In a recent study by Vanguard into reasons why clients left their advisers, it was discovered that a lack of communication topped the list, whereas portfolio performance came in near the bottom. Clients expect their financial advisers to listen to their needs and take proactive steps to keep in touch. If you have lost […]

What is evidence-based investing?

Simply stated, to achieve the best outcome for you, evidence-based (passive) investing makes use of the best available evidence when designing and implementing your investment portfolio. Evidence-based investing aims to capture the returns of the market through a low-cost, long-term investment strategy based on the following principles: Establish your tolerance for risk and do not […]

What are the benefits of evidence-based investing?

It has been proved time and again that traditional means of investing (active investment management) do not outperform the benchmarks, even over long periods. Furthermore, financial companies tend to design and sell high-priced products and these higher fees negatively impact on a portfolio’s performance. Add to this a reliance on past performance (when choosing a […]

Why use exchange-traded funds?

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) aim to match the performance of a benchmark index. This strategy requires less frequent turnover of holdings within the fund which means fund fees tend to be significantly lower than actively managed funds. When low-cost funds post solid performance, investors keep more of what they earn. ETFs tend to be more tax-efficient […]

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