What's Up in finance?

Why should I hire Upstream instead of doing this myself?

History has repeatedly shown us that it is near impossible to consistently beat the market over time. If you believe you can beat the market, and confident you can pick tomorrow’s best performing funds, then we’re probably not going to be a good fit for each other.

The average investor is terrible at investing. In the USA, during the twenty-year period to 2010, the average individual investing in US equity funds generated an annual return of around 4% (Dalbar, 2011), while the market delivered a return of a little under 10%. This occurred because investors chased returns, moving from the funds they were in, to those that seemed to be performing better, destroying their wealth with this buy-high and sell-low strategy. This can be attributed to the emotional aspect of managing your own money, and as a result, many investors are simply throwing their money away. Emotions have the power to destroy significant amounts of wealth.

At Upstream, we help our clients understand how the market works so that at times of market exuberance or panic, you remain focused on the long-term and stay calm. We apply our resources only to things that are within our control. So, when it comes to investing your money, we use low-cost globally diversified funds to ensure we get as close to earning the full return of the markets for your investment portfolio.