What's Up in finance?

What is unique about Upstream?

There are three levels of financial planners. The first is focused on selling products, the second looks at finding a solution to a specific problem such as saving for your retirement, and the third, the lifestyle (values-based) planner, takes a holistic view of your financial and non-financial priorities.

If one of the first questions a financial planner asks you is how much money you’ve got to invest then take this as a warning signal as you could be dealing with a salesman because this is one of the last things we need to know when assessing your financial situation. This type of relationship is about meeting the needs of the adviser. It is a relationship based on taking.

Fortunately, financial planning has evolved from that to one where the financial planner will ask you what financial goals and objectives you have for the future. This is a problem-solution (transactional) type of relationship and is about meeting the needs of you as well as the needs of the adviser. It is a relationship based on give and take.

The approach that Upstream adopts, the third level, is about understanding your values and determining what’s important to you, before doing anything else. It is a relationship that is totally focused on meeting your needs. It is a relationship based on giving. By aligning your goals and dreams to your values, we can help protect you emotionally from the financial highs and lows that life will inevitably throw your way.